Thursday, October 14, 2010

The First Night In London

After looking around on the internet, and getting a few suggestions, I have settled on where I am going to stay upon my arrival. I had Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel ( ) suggested to me, and it fits my plans quite perfectly.

It is right near all the places I want to see and it is even on the Piccadilly Line, the Tube route that comes straight from Heathrow. Like the name suggests, it is right off Piccadilly Circus, a famous intersection near downtown London. It is 500m from Trafalgar Square, less than a kilometer from Buckingham Palace, basically just a stones throw from everywhere I want to be. Plus it sounds like a pretty cool place to spend some time in.

I think I am going to stay two nights there, then take the train to Paris, and spend another two nights there before heading to Rouen. As I mentioned a while ago, my sister spent last year there as an exchange student, but I forgot to mention she had a blog too. Here is the address for it: She writes very well, and has some pretty funny stories to share.

Thats all for now.

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