Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Rainy Hometown

I don't like working in the rain. Thankfully, neither does my boss. When it really rains we call it off for the day. The reason I say this is because today it is really raining, and today I had an unexpected day off. 

After a leisurely morning of sitting around, I headed into town to do some errands, mostly last minute things for my trip. Along the way, I stopped and took pictures at all the places I drive past everyday and think "hey I should stop and take pictures there sometime". I did this to share my hometown with you. Granted, it is not the most lovely day of the year, but then again, much of the year is like this so it is probably a good representation. 

Here are the pictures from around my house, on the way to town, and in town.

My yard with the fall colors out in full force.

My car and in the distance my drive-way --- A field not far from my house

The bridge 100m from my driveway --- Looking downstream towards my house

The road into town

The road to town --- A farmers field near town

Fields near town --- Corn is all gone

More fields

Downtown Courtenay. This is looking down 5th Street towards the bridge below.

The 5th Street bridge

Pretty colors along the river

Simm's Park

The totem at the entrance to Lewis Park

Looking out towards Comox and Goose Spit

The beach at the mouth of the river and the estuary beyond

That gives a quick taste of the Comox Valley. Not included in these are the wonderful beaches, the mountains, or the lake, but more a look at what I see every day.

Hope you enjoy.

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