Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Liquid Sunshine

Fall, winter, and spring are marked in the Comox Valley by near constant clouds, persistent drizzle and frequent rain. Some years such as this one, the change to summer and back to rain can be very abrupt. One day in mid June of this month, the sun came out, and there was no cloudy days for almost a month. The sun shone on until just about the end of September. Then the clouds rolled in. Although it has been cool, it really has not rained much. Until this weekend that is. For most of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and the early part of Tuesday, the wet stuff came down. 

Wet back yard.

It is quite remarkable in fact, just how much water is in the sky. To think of how much weight in water is thousands of feet above our heads on a daily basis is somewhat strange.

Now, back to the topic at hand.

Since I last wrote, my plans have firmed up somewhat. Where I will stay, and how long I will stay there is pretty much worked out until after the new year. Nothing too new about the first couple weeks, London for three nights at the Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel, then to Paris for a night. Late in the day I will catch the train to Rouen to stay with some of my sisters host parents for 4 nights. After another night in Paris, that brings me to the 17th.

The night of the 17th I head to Italy. I am taking the Artesia night train to Verona, arriving in the early morning of the 18th.

In Verona, where I am staying for a month attending classes at IDEA Verona, I am going to stay with a friend in his and his brother's apartment. Jake came to Canada on an exchange in early 2009, and sat next to me in physics. Since then, our families have kept in touch, and have even visited each other. He has graciously invited me to stay at his place for the duration of my Italian classes.

From Verona I head north, way north, almost as far north as you can go without crossing into Austria in fact. Christmas I will spend with Jakes family in their house waaay up in the mountains of Alto Adige. It will be spectacular, thanks so much to all of them for the invitation.

That is all the news that is news, guess what the forecast is; more water from the sky.

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