Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Verona

My second day in Brunek was a lot more laid back than the one before. Getting up and lazing about for most of the day seemed to be the plan of action.

Lawrence, Jake's little brother, and I shot arrows at an apple for a while. First we put the apple on the railing of the barn, but once we went to retrieve the arrows, we reconsidered and put the apple far from where they could get stuck.

We lost 3 arrows to the barn, having to snip them off where they entered the wood.

After lunch, all us young folk started watching Iron Man 2, initially in german, but eventually in english for my benefit. About 3 quarters of the way through the movie Jake got up and a few minutes later called out to ask if I was coming. When I enquired where, he said Verona. 

I replied yes, and having been prepared for this kind of situation, grabbed all my stuff an headed out to the car.

We were not driving back to Verona, but instead taking the train. In fact, it turned out that we were heading to an aunt an uncle's house first, where Jake and I were dropped off. We ate pizza, and after an hour and a bit got into the car with another aunt and uncle who live nearer to Verona. They gave us a ride to a town just south of Bolzano where we caught the train to Verona.

We arrived late that night, and I went to bed for my first of many sleeps in Verona.

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