Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Day In Brunek

Waking up on saturday the 20th, I looked out the window and saw the picture perfect mountain scene that had been obscured by darkness the night before.

The light dusting of snow on everything, settling on the trees like iceing sugar, and the sharp lines of the treeless peaks, as well as the traditional colors and shapes of the mountain houses made the scene unforgettable.

I went downstairs and found much of the family already up in the kitchen/sitting/breakfast/snack room. I had tea, and wonderful bread, as well as a whole range of tasty goodies.

We all just sat around for a bit, talking in a multitude of languages. Jake and slipped out to the TV room and started watching Robin Hood, the new one. It was not bad. As soon as we finished, it became apparent that we all of a sudden had to leave to go to town.

It has been my experience, and my families before me that with this family, everything is humming along, and then with seemingly no warning, they reach a critical mass, and whatever was going to happen happens right then.

In this case, Jake got up as the movie was ending, then a minute later called me. I came over to find him half way out the door, all ready to go to town. I got ready quickly and we were on our way.

Another thing with Italians in general is that they seem to keep doing whatever they are doing for as long as they can, and then have to rush to get to the next thing, and the next, and so on. It is an interesting cultural thing.

In this case, we were rushing to town to get our hair cut. It is about a half hour drive, even going super fast like the Italians do, and we arrived right on time at the salon. They seemed to know Jake at the upscale establishment, and we were ushered in to the seats.

With ample hand gestures, and a little help translating, I got accross what I wanted. The first stop was the hair washing place. The seats were massage chairs, and for the 15 mins or so that I had my head massaged with shampoo and conditioner, I had my back warmed and massaged by the chair itself.

Back in the chair, I was given the choice of tea or coffee, and a selection of magazines to choose from. I chose a car one, and looked at the pictures as it was all in german. After the cut itself, the woman who had been cutting my hair gave me a soothing face massage with some kind of cream.

It was much different than what I am used to in barber shops in Canada.

Sophia met us there, and we walked back to the car, then rushed back to their house for lunch.

Oh what a lunch it was. I think there were four courses, pastas, salads, breads, wines, treats, and much much more. These Italians sure know how to eat. Their food is just amazing. Everything about it is just about perfect.

The most amazing desert was the Pandora cake thing. It is a funny shaped cake with icing sugar sprinkled on it, and it is just soooo good. There are no words to describe it.

After lunch, I got ready to go, as I knew we were heading into town soon to play laser tag. It turned out that I was right on time, as we soon left, 5 of us. We picked up Jakes girlfriend Julia, and we headed to the laser tag place. It was really cool. So much fun.

After however long of playing, and our time had expired, we got score sheets. I won, but there was a close second. It gave all the data that one could want on it. It was really cool actually. I like things like that.

We went next door to the sports bar and had a drink, then piled back in the car to head back to their house.

There was no formal dinner, but there were lots of snacks and little dishes and desserts to choose from. Sophia, myself and her uncle played a game of cards for a while.

Sophia, Jake, Julia and I were going out that night, and we left fairly late. We parked the car, and went into a bar.

The night went on, and it was a lot of fun. We went to a few different places, and met a lot of Jake's, Julia's, and Sophia's friends.

At 2 o'clock, Sophia and I headed to the bus station, Jake staying at Julias house in town. We had to take the nightliner bus back out towards their house. Getting on was an experience, and the bus was totaly packed full.

It took a long time to get out to her valley, almost at the end of the line. By this time it was past three, and we had to wait a few minutes for the next vehicle, this time some sort of taxi van to take us up to her house.

We got dropped of right at the house, and went quietly to bed.

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