Friday, November 12, 2010

More of London, More of Klass and Anne

I am a little behind on the posting of things. I was right on top of it, and then for inexplicable reasons, the internet simply would not talk to my computer. Strange things.

Anyways, Wednesday brought with it the promise of clear, sunny skies. I woke early and headed out for a walk. I took my big camera with me, and wandered down from Piccadilly to the Thames, going just on the east side of St James Park.

I walked east along the river, then headed over the bridge at Embankment station. I walked back down the other side of the river past the London Eye, and to Westminster Bridge. Across the bridge and past Big Ben I went into a Tesco, a store where you can get cheap anything, and got some breakfast.

From there I went up to Trafalgar Square, and got on the Tube, going only one stop, the cold finally having got to me.

Here are some of the results of my early morning photo walk.

I met up with Klaas and Anne, and we had some tea in the common room, then went out to the tube. We were heading out to Chelsea to see how much tickets to the football game were.

We took 3 different trains to get there, having to change at several stations.

The stop we wanted exited into a mall, and as we were leaving we saw a Starbucks and decided to stop there on the way back. We got to the stadium, and walked around to the ticket booth, and got in the short queue.

When we got to the front, we learned that the seats were going to be 64 pounds, and they were way way way up in the top section. Definitely not worth it.

A stop at the Starbucks, and we were on our way again.

We went back to the hostel for a quick rest, then were off again, this time in the opposite direction. Heading east on the District line we got off at Tower Hill. Walking out of the station you see the Tower of London, hence the name.

Another tower related thing there is the Tower Bridge. We walked out along it, and then payed the 5 pounds to get the tour. The elevator takes you to the walkways at the top. The view is pretty cool.

We walked down after exploring the top for a while, and took a tour of the engine room where they used to open the bridge from.

After walking back across the bridge, and back to the station, we took it one stop to Monument, a tribute to the damage caused by the London Fire.

The monument itself is a giant column with a viewing platform at the top, reached by a 311 step spiral staircase. That is quite the climb. The view is worth it though.

At the bottom, they give you a certificate that you have climbed it, and survived. A neat touch indeed

From the monument we went to Piccadilly Circus again, this time staying in at the fountain. I had arranged with my family that I would be at that certain place at a certain time, and that they would at the same time look at the webcam of Piccadilly Circus.

To make sure I was identifiable, Klaas, Anne, and I held up a Canadian Flag. We had several people come take pictures with us which was funny because Klaas and Anne are not Canadians.

After the appointed time had come and gone, I went back to check if it had worked, and they went to find some food. I met up with them shortly, and we ate quickly by the fountain.

A short time later, we were on the tube again, this time heading to Adlegate East. It was not quite apparent what we were looking for, so, after walking in a big circle, we got back on the tube and continued on to Liverpool Street Station, where Klaas and Anne's train to the airport departed later that night.

We found a pub for later and went back to the hostel one last time.

In the common room, we met Bruno, from northern Spain. He was a hoot to talk to, and a while later when we headed to Oxford Circus to go shopping, he tagged along with us. We walked and walked and walked, and finally found the store, a discount place with amazing prices.

Anne was the only one who wanted or needed anything, so the three of us followed her around.

She ended up getting the most ridiculous pajamas ever. A fleece one piece with a funky pattern. It was awesome.

We headed down Central line to the train station, and went into Dirty Dicks Pub across the street. I dared Anne to wear her PJs to order, and for the rest of the time we were there, and she did, with 5 pounds of encouragement that is.

We said goodbye much to soon after. Them leaving to Stanstead for the flight home, and myself and Bruno to the hostel again.

I will miss them, and hope to see them soon in their home town in Holland.

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